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New Company Registration/Formation/Setup and Secretarial Services

Are you going to register a new company in Hong Kong, BVI or Cayman Islands? No matter you are starting a new business or acquiring an existing entity, there are always statutory registration procedures as required by local registrars. In Hong Kong, it is Hong Kong Companies Registry .

Registering a Company/Entity in Hong Kong

Common forms of setup in Hong Kong include but not limited to

Nominee Director and Nominee Shareholder

In Hong Kong, details of shareholders and directors of a limited company have to be made public. If the privacy of these identities are sensitive to you, you might consider appointing a nominee director and/or shareholder.

Your rights to company control, assets and distribution of income can be protected by entering into a nominee contract and having it stamped. A Power of Attorney (POA) and Declaration of Trust are typical documents used for nominee directors and nominee shareholders respectively.

Set up offshore company

Offshore companies are widely used for

  • holding investment, property and other asset
  • estate and succession planning, financing
  • listing on international stock exchanges and
  • acquisition transactions

When forming an offshore company, choosing your jurisdiction is a strategic decision that may cause adverse ramifications to your business. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right jurisdiction for your business needs.

Due to simplicity, flexibility, stability, creditor friendliness and tax neutrality, BVI and Cayman companies have been frequently used in holding structures.

Global pressure to combat money laundering and curb tax evasion and fraud have pushed increasing regulations for offshore companies. It is therefore important in keeping abreast of these regulatory changes.

Bank Account Opening in Hong Kong

Owing to the more stringent Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing regulations, coupled with various sanctions regimes, bankers in Hong Kong have tightened up their Know-Your-Clients (KYC) processes where they will scrutinize in great details typically:

  • the industry your business is in,
  • the sources of wealth and income you might have and
  • countries you will be dealing with

If you are involved in industries like art galleries, diamond trading or money lending which are considered as high risk of money laundering, or are dealing with sanctioned countries like North Korea, Iran and Russia, your chance of getting a corporate bank account will likely be slim.

Bankers are also very cautious about bank account opening requests from offshore companies.


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